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  • Memorial site for Fran Deminion

Driving to Uncle Mikes from Sudbury went in the car with my Baba Aunt Fran cousins Bruce and Krista. I wanted to go in Baba’s car because my Aunt Fran had rolos, timbits and sticky buns.

Aunt Fran was the person who gave me the rolos so my cousins were asking me for one but since my Aunt was the one gave me them I shared only one rolo with her without looking. Then after I proceeded to bug my cousins till they first took turns going into my parents vehicle then both so they could sleep. My Aunt also could sing a lot of upbeat and happy songs for example the glow worm song and I’m so happy I could spit and that’s because of my age at the time.

When older learned the adult version of that song. I love you Aunt Fran thanks for the excellent memories and great times.

~ Robert Deminion