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  • Memorial site for Fran Deminion

In 1997, Franny and I embarked on a trip to Ireland. As many know, the stresses of traveling can make or break a friendship. This trip will forever be etched in my mind as one of the best, not only because it is an amazing country to visit but mostly because of my companion for the journey.

Franny was a trouper during this entire trip. Even though she was nursing a bad knee, she never complained about the crazy schedule, less than stellar accomodations (including a co-ed hostel), or the lack of alone time. From drinking Guinness in a random pub in the middle of nowhere with a guy named Seamus to navigating the streets of Belfast where “The Troubles” are still fresh in the memories of the people, Franny never wavered!

Although her steadfast friendship, crazy sense of humour, patience, and voice of reason could not be captured in a tourist photo, they are just as vivid in my mind and will remain in my heart forever.

~ Anna-Lisa Salo